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The most important factor in  Counselling and Psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist...


How do you choose a therapist?



What can I expect?



What are the benefits of using my service?


When you’re contemplating entering into therapy the most important factor for you to consider is your choice of therapist.

In therapy you can explore your relationship with parts of yourself, other individuals, or yourself in relation to groups or your environment, amongst many other things.

You will have an opportunity to work on issues that are of importance to you in ways that are creative, supportive and safe.

What next?

Call me on the number below and I will be delighted to have an initial conversation with you about what your requirements are.From there,  we can agree to meet for an initial session.  In this first meeting you can acquire a feel for whether or not you think we can work together on the issue or issues that you would  like to bring.  At the end of our initial session you will have a feel for whether or not you think we can work together and will be free to continue or leave things there, without any obligation or pressure at all.